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Goalie blok
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The #1 Hand Protection for Goaltenders
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Goalie Blok

The blok offers unparalleled flexibility in customization without compromising your performance, blocker functionality, or stick handling skills. You can adjust the blok according to your preferences, ensuing it fits seamlessly with your playing style. Its unique design guarantees that it won't interfere with your blocker or hinder your on-ice performance. 


The blok is an innovative goalie accessory crafted from lightweight, yet durable material. Weighing in at just under 52g, this remarkable product offers exceptional strength while maintaining its lightweight design. 

Prevents Injury

The ultimate solution to prevent injuries caused by the puck sliding up the paddle of the goalie stick and making direct contact with the index finger and hand.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can seamlessly transfer your blok to a new stick whenever necessary! Simply head over to our collection f how-to videos, where you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to install and remove your blok with ease. Ensuring a smooth transition to a new stick while keeping your valuable blok intact. 

Goalie Blok Neon Pink Limited Edition
Limited Edition NEON
Introducing the all-new Limited Edition NEON blok Pro – meticulously handcrafted exclusively by us, for you. Elevating your experience, we've harnessed the power of a stronger and more durable material, ensuring that every block is a testament to reliability and excellence.

But remember, these Limited Edition NEON blok Pros are more than just superior in performance; they're a statement of individuality. Their distinctive design showcases our logo in a vibrant hue, while the Goalie blok itself remains another, creating an eye-catching contrast that's as unique as your game.

Upgrade your game with the Limited Edition NEON blok Pro today – because exclusivity is meant to be experienced, and only for a limited time.