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Limited Edition NEON blok Pro

Limited Edition NEON blok Pro

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Handcrafted in Canada


Introducing the all-new Limited Edition NEON blok Pro – meticulously handcrafted exclusively by us, for you. Elevating your experience, we've harnessed the power of a stronger and more durable material, ensuring that every block is a testament to reliability and excellence.


Notably, we've taken our commitment to durability even further by reinforcing the edges of the Goalie blok Pro with an additional 1.5 millimeters. This ingenious enhancement is designed to thwart the pressures and impacts that often lead to splits – whether it's the forceful strike of a puck against the stick's edge or the impact of a resolute shot on the Goalie blok Pro itself.


But remember, these Limited Edition NEON blok Pros are more than just superior in performance; they're a statement of individuality. Their distinctive design showcases our logo in a vibrant hue, while the Goalie blok itself remains another, creating an eye-catching contrast that's as unique as your game.


Be quick, though. The Limited Edition NEON blok Pro is just that – limited. A rare opportunity to equip yourself with a handcrafted masterpiece, designed to elevate your performance while making a striking mark on the ice. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of innovation, durability, and style, all rolled into one.


Upgrade your game with the Limited Edition NEON blok Pro today – because exclusivity is meant to be experienced, and only for a limited time.

Base Colour: Black
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