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Frequently Asked
  • How do I apply BLOK to my goalie stick?
    Please head over to our How-to videos for a better visual of how to put the blok on your stick. 1. Open sleeve, slide over the top of stick riser first. 2. Continue to slide on to paddle with riser facing out. 3. While holding your stick with your knees, use your hands to help maneuver BLOK down the paddle until the riser has cleared your hand placement. (Approx 3 inches)
  • Is my blok reusable?
    Yes, it is! Please head over to our how to videos to get a better visual on how to get your blok off your stick. Put your finger under the sleeve and work the product upwards toward the shaft of stick. When you are ready to use blok again, simply follow the installation instructions.
  • What benefits will using a blok provide?
    Protection and prevention of injury to the blocker index finger and knuckle from being struck with the puck as it travels up the paddle of your goalie stick.
  • Is there a warranty?
    If you have any concerns, please email us at with a picture of the product and proof of purchase. We will replace any BLOK inside of 45 days from the date of purchase, but will review all warranty issues case by case via email. Take care of your blok and it will take care of you!
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