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Discover the captivating tale of Goalie Blok, the unrivaled #1 hand protection for goaltenders, on our "Our Story" page. From humble beginnings to a prominent family-run operation based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, our journey epitomizes dedication and innovation. Learn how we've revolutionized hand protection, empowering goalies to "blok with Confidence" on the ice.
Our              Story
Our story is as unique as it is inspiring, stretching back 19 years to 2004 when Guy St. Vincent, the founder and inventor of Goalie blok, embarked on his professional hockey career as a goaltender. Little did he know that a pivotal moment during that first year would set him on a path to revolutionizing the game.

During a practice session, Guy broke his finger as a result of a puck sliding up the paddle of his stick—a familiar occurrence that plagued him throughout his career. However, it was this particular incident that sparked a relentless determination to find a solution. With each subsequent puck-to-finger impact, the seeds of an innovative concept began to take shape.

In 2018, after years of dedicated development, the Goalie blok prototype emerged, ready to tackle the market. Its arrival created waves of excitement and anticipation among goaltenders worldwide, as it promised to finally address the long-standing problem that Guy himself had experienced.

Fast forward to a pivotal moment in a hockey arena, where destiny played its hand. Kate and Guy found themselves standing side by side, engrossed in a youth hockey game. A conversation about goalies ensued, leading to the astonishing revelation that Guy was the inventor of Goalie blok and Kate was already an existing customer. Her son, Thomas, had endured a similar finger injury that had shaken his confidence. It was Thomas' goalie coach who recommended Goalie Blok to Kate, ensuring Thomas's confidence could be restored and nurtured.

This incredible convergence of shared experiences, fate, and a relentless pursuit of innovation drives Guy to bring Goalie blok to the forefront of the industry. Their collective vision is to empower goaltenders of all levels, ensuring their confidence remains unshakable between the pipes.

Our story is one of passion, determination, and the unwavering belief in safeguarding the confidence of every goaltender.

Join us as we continue to push boundaries and protect the future of goaltending with Goalie Blok.
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