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NEW blok Pro

NEW blok Pro

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Made in Canada

It's Arrived! The all-new Goalie blok Pro- meticulously manufactured right here in Alberta, Canada; exclusively for you.


Elevating performance to a new level, we've harnessed the strength of an even more robust and enduring material, ensuring unwavering reliability on the ice.  The Blok Pro has ungone force testing up to 110 mph, tear resistance testing and is 7 grams lighter then the original Goalie Blok.


We've taken it a step further by reinforcing the edges of the blok with an additional 1.5mm layer of durability. This strategic enhancement is engineered to safeguard against those game-intense moments when pucks collide with the edge of your stick, or when the force of a direct, powerful shot impacts the blok. With these improvements, your blok becomes a true defense powerhouse.


We understand the significance of aligning with your team's identity, and that's why we're handing over the creative reins to you. With the blok Pro, you can select the colour of both your blok's logo and the sleeve of the blok, achieving a dynamic visual impact. 


Elevate your game with the Golaie blok Pro – because winning begins with equipment that empowers you.

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