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NEW blok

NEW blok

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The Goalie blok is the ultimate safeguard for young goaltenders who are passionate about the game and their safety. Designed with precision and care, the Goalie blok is made from high-quality silicone to provide unrivaled protection for young goalie's hands, ensuring they stay in the game and free from injuries.


The Goalie blok is engineered with the specific needs of young goaltenders in mind. It's designed to offer optimal protection for those who are not facing shots exceeding 40 MPH, making it an ideal choice for youth and developmental leagues.


The Goalie blok is meticulously crafted from durable silicone material, specially chosen for its remarkable shock-absorbing properties. This silicone marvel acts as a barrier against the impact of the puck, shielding young goaltenders' fingers and hands, ensuring their confidence stays intact.

SKU: GB002
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