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Guy St. Vincent, a retired professional goaltender, exudes a deep passion for hockey and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the goaltenders of both present and future generations.

Having personally encountered an injury early in his professional career, St. Vincent embarked on a mission to prevent fellow goaltenders from experiencing the same fate. As the proprietor of Top Shelf Goaltending, a year-round goaltender academy situated in his hometown he recently devised a groundbreaking piece of protective equipment called BLOK.

Crafted from premium Silicone, BLOK seamlessly slides over the shaft of the goaltender's stick, positioning itself near the top of the paddle. Its ingenious design serves as an effective barrier, shielding the fingers and hand of goaltenders from the impact of an incoming puck. The product is patent in Canada, the United States, and the European Union for design protection.

BLOK has gained significant traction within the professional hockey realm, finding favor among numerous NHL goaltenders, as well as goaltenders worldwide.

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