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Retired professional goaltender, Guy St. Vincent, is passionate about sharing his love for hockey and also protecting the goaltenders of the present and future.

Having experienced an injury early in his professional career, he has created a product to help prevent this injury from happening to other goaltenders. St. Vincent, who now runs the year-round goaltender academy, Top Shelf Goaltending, in his hometown of Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada, has recently invented an innovative piece of protective gear, BLOK, to protect goalies from getting their blocker index finger and knuckle from being hit with the puck.
BLOK is made from pure Silicone, slides overtop the shaft of the goaltender stick, and sits near the top of the paddle. It effectively blocks the puck from hitting the fingers or hand. It is currently patent pending in Canada, the United States along the design protection in the European Union. Blok is also being used by numerous NHL goaltenders along with goaltenders acrros the Globe. 
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